Portkeys BM5 WR HDMI - SDI 5.5

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  • 5.5" Wide Color Gamut Monitor
  • Ultrabright Touchscreen, Image Overlay
  • Focus Peaking, ARRI False Color
  • HDMI In, SDI In/Loop Out
  • SDI Output with New 3D LUTs
  • Histogram, Fullscreen Waveform
  • Low 13W Power Consumption

HDMI In/SDI In/Loop Out
HDMI input and SDI input and loop output ports with the ability to output a superimposed image with 3DLUT and peaking via the SDI output

10-Bit (8+2 FRC) Color
A 10-bit color depth for more accurate, richer color reproduction

ARRI False Color Mode

Expose your image using ARRI false color mode and user-defined modes with the ability to freely set the IRE in user-defined mod

Touchscreen Control Focus
When you touch the screen of the monitor, it draws highlights around the edge of the focus, so you can focus quickly and accurately in real time without any other tools when using the RED KOMODO, Panasonic BGH1, or the ZCAM E2


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