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Zhijun Smooth X

SMOOTH-X is a gimbal made for everyone, thanks to its easy and simple operating system. Don't need to worry that you're not a professional filmmaker or an amateur of filmmaking, or you don't have a professional shooting gear, SMOOTH.X makes professional techniques easy to use and ensures you make stable, smooth, and creative videos effortlessly with only a smartphone.


1.PleaseFollow the User Guide to do gimbal Installation and Balance Adjustment, or it would casue product damaged.
2. Smooth X was using new App called ZY Cami App, and please note ZY Play App is not compatible with Smooth X
3. Registration by ZY Cami App is required for first use, Smooth X would not be useable before activation.

Installation Step( IMPORTANT):

Rotate the handle 180° counterclockwise.
To unfold the vertical arm, pull out and tilt the pan axis in certain degrees.
Rotate the vertical arm 180° counterclockwise. It can be only rotated in one direction.
Return the pan axis to the initial position and retrieve the extendable stick.
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