Sony UTX-B2
  • Sony UTX-B2
  • Sony UTX-B2

Sony UTX-B2

The Sony UTX-B2 is a wireless bodypack transmitter for the UWP series wireless microphone system. Users are able to choose from 5mW output, which is suitable for simultaneous multi-channel operation or 30mW output for long distance transmission. The transmitter features selectable RF-output level providing added signal strength at long range. The bodypack transmitter features 188 selectable UHF frequencies and operates up to 10 hours on two-AA size alkaline batteries (10mW output power). An LCD display and a 3.5mm input jack is switchable between mic- and line-level signals.

Product Highlights
  • Frequency Group 30/32 (566 to 590 MHz)
  • Cardioid Lavalier Microphone
  • Mic & Line Switchable Input
  • LCD Display
  • 5mW and 30mW Switchable Output
  • AA Battery Powered x2
Ķīla: 50.00 €
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