Saramonic Blink 900 B2
  • Saramonic Blink 900 B2
  • Saramonic Blink 900 B2
  • Saramonic Blink 900 B2

Saramonic Blink 900 B2

2.4GHz Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone System
Built with dual-channel, it offers you more recording solutions, you can use single or dual transmitters, and can choose mono or stereo mode to record each channel separately for ultimate flexibility in post-production.
The system comes with an impressive vivid color LCD screen which builts in with a light sensor, so the screen brightness can automatically react to the changes in your environment so you always have an amazing clear viewing experience, or you can manually change the brightness between 1-10 levels.
Comes with multiple useful accessories make the system a one for all solution for different kinds of use case scenarios such as Vlogging, streaming, podcasting, interview, online teaching, and more. And with multiple types of cables in the package, Blink900 can connect to cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers, etc.

-2.4GHz wireless transmission technology
-Compatible with cameras, mobile devices and more
-Clip-on transmitter with built-in Omnidirectional microphone
-Dual-channel receiver with 3.5mm output
-High resolution and easy-to-use LCD display
-Auto brightness adjustment & auto gain control
-Low cut filter (160Hz/120Hz/80Hz)
-3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring
-Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 6-hour runtime
-Selectable mono and stereo output
-Operating range of up to 200m
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20.00 €
Preces vērtība: 395.00 €
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Atlaide 80%
Nomas maksa: 4.00 €
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– Blink900 B2 Charges Case × 1
– Blink900 RX Receiver × 1
– Blink900 TX Transmitter × 2
– USB-C Charging Cable × 1
– DK3G Lavalier Microphone × 2
– Mic Clip for Lavalier Microphone × 2
– Foam Windscreen for LavalierMicrophone × 2
– Fur Windshield for Built-inMicrophone × 2
– 3.5mm TRS to TRS Output Cablefor Cameras × 1
– 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Output Cablefor Smartphones × 1
– 3.5mm TRS to USB-C Audio Output Cable × 1
– 3.5mm TRS to Lingtning Audio Output Cable × 1
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